Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm getting my own hosting!!

Woohoo 2

I'm so excited!! I've been dying, nay - salivating - to get my own hosting account and buy my own domains for weeks now!! And I got a little bit of money on Sunday so that I can get started!

You know all those in-laws that I complained talked about being in my house on Mother's Day? Well, we were celebrating Mother's Day for all the moms in the family, and my birthday, and Chris' birthday (my husband's cousin's teenage son).

So Mark and the kids had given me a little Mother's Day money and then Mark's brother and his wife gave me a little money for my birthday. Everyone else gave me some wonderful gifts, too - it's just that those are the two that gave me cash.

(Aside: I don't know if I like my birthday celebrated so early - it's on the 22nd - do you think the real day will feel blah? Nah! No way! It'll be fine!)

I do have a hosting account through Yahoo, and that is what I use for My Very Own Mail and the Bookworm Broadcast, but, you can only host one domain on that account, and I've got at least three more brewing in my brain so far!

(Aside: With all of those people coming in and out of the house on Sunday, three flies were let in - and they have been buzzing around me and tickling me for two days!!! They are driving me crazy!)

Anyhoo - back to your regularly scheduled program....a few weeks ago my awesome friend, Loretta, was helping me try to set up hosting, that I wound up not having enough money for. I can't exactly remember the name of the company she uses and we were looking at setting up for me, but, as they come strongly reccomended by her, and I liked what they had to offer, I think that is what I will use.

I really love blogger - and I don't think I'll ever completely move away from it, but, I am looking at blogging as a serious business. And I simply need my own hosting and domain to further pursue that.

And - I'm so excited!! Woohoo 2
.....................Did I mention that? Winking 8

(Aside: I've always wanted to use that cute winking girl smiley! Heehee! I suppose I'll have to wean myself of smilies, if I really want to get serious! I may have to throw one in every now and then for good measure, though! Just to lighten things up - yeah, that's it, I won't go off them cold turkey, that would just be cruel!)

(Aside on asides: Hmm, three asides? My entrepeneur's ADD isn't showing much, is it?)


Tammie said...

Good for you!!!
The little dancing woohoo is my favorite. And happy birthday! :-D

Lisa said...

Thank you, Tammie!! :D

Retta said...

LOL I love the woohoo dancing banana he's awesome ;)

The company I use is ...


Lisa said...

I thought it started with an 'I'!!

Thanks, you!

Anonymous said...

My sister's birthday is May 22nd. Hope you get it all worked out..yeah! I still have two blogger blogs too, but my others are hosted

Lisa said...

Aw, how cool, Deb! Well, tell her I said, 'Happy Birthday'!!!

And thanks! I've got one of the sites up - but, I think I screwed up the other two! Oops!