Tuesday, May 15, 2007

JG Wentworth

Many people are affected by traumatic things that happen in their lives and these traumas are often accompanied by great financial strain. Often though, someone else is to blame for the trauma that has occurred, like drunk drivers, and people are granted structured settlements to help with their medical expenses, and living expenses. These settlements can truly be lifesavers. So much can go wrong in the wake of tragic accidents. It's not just about getting over the pain of that one fateful day. It is about finding a way to live with the damage that day has inflicted. And so - often, the settlements really are lifesavers. But then life moves on. And circumstances change. Perhaps one physically recuperates, for the most part, and gets back on one's feet. Maybe you get married, and want to start a family and move out of your small apartment, that isn't in such a great neighborhood - just like Randy and his wife. And you maybe just don't have the money to do that, although you are surviving financially. You could sell your Structured Settlements at J.G. Wentworth, or even just a portion of it, if you wanted to hold on to some of it for the security that it provides you. And that would give you just what you need to move up to a nicer place. Or say, like Carolyn, after your traumatic event, life gets so hard, that the monthly amount of your settlement is just not getting you where you need to be, and you start to accrue too much debt. You could cash in your settlement, keeping part of it, and get yourself out of debt. A lot of these people say that they never knew such a thing existed as cashing in your settlement. The only reason they found about it was because they saw a commercial on TV about it. And to tell you the truth, I didn't know about them before this week, and now I'm glad that I do!

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