Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Poor, aging parents and their decrepit memory skills

Oh crap! The kids have a talent show tonight!! Man - they told both Mark and myself this last night, and we, both, of course - forgot!

I'm not showered, still in PJ's, blogging my fingers off - I haven't even gotten to ChaCha yet, or to visiting my friend's blogs, and PPP is releasing some good opps - right now! I hope there are some good ones left when we get home!

And Mark is, of course, not home. He is still out working - God knows where and God knows how far out. I hope it's not too far. We might have to scramble to catch a ride with some neighbors. If anyone around here is going. The school's population is so spread out around here, that we really don't have a whole lot of the kid's classmates nearby.

Well, I guess this is my queue to peel my fingertips off this precious keyboard, and hit the showers!

At least I get to use all my new lovely 'Simply Three Girls' bath goodies!

Woohooo! See ya'll after a bit!

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