Thursday, May 24, 2007

A new TV - for the kids?

Mark brought the boys a new TV. It's really an old TV, but, it is new to them. It was in their cousin's bedroom, and I guess they got a new one, because this one got sent home with Mark yesterday.

And Mark gave it to the boys. What?

I have been begging and begging for a TV for our bedroom almost since we got here! The two places for me to get comfortable in this house are here at my desk (Mark bought me a great office chair a couple years ago) and in my bedroom. Seeing as we don't have much home furniture beyond the bedrooms, those are my two spots to get comfy! Our dining room table didn't fit on the UHaul, and our 'living room' is in the basement - so upstairs is kind of a barren wasteland.

And we haven't had a TV in our bedroom for several years now, and there is almost nothing better than being lazy in your bed watching TV. I love that!

But, as previously noted, he gave the TV to the boys. Bummer. Now, mind you, it is a very small TV - and I definitely wouldn't want it permanently, but, while I wait for my living room to be IN MY LIVING ROOM - it would be great! In case it's not completely obvious, I am completely sick of living like this. Completely. Ugh.

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