Thursday, May 24, 2007

My kids ROCK!

And no, thank you very much - I'm not biased. Not in the least! Hey - even the bus driver said my kids are great! He came to pick up this morning for the last time, and I went out to say my goodbyes - he's taken good care of my monsters, and he went out of his way to buy them candy and soda for the last week of school! I thought that was really nice of him! So I went out to greet him one last time, and he said, and I quote, "They're good kids!"

So there you have it - it's not even me saying it! Ha! Well, anyway - where I was heading with all of this was to all of the awards received this week! Sammie and Shawn each got lots of awards, certificates, and pins this week! Academics, attendance, band, choir, science - Shawn was even among the top 10 scorers among the whole sixth grade on a standardized test that they took this spring! Totally awesome!!

Yep! My kids rock! Poor Patrick, though - the seventh grade didn't have an awards ceremony, didn't (obviously) have a graduation ceremony. So he's got nothin. Nothin. Hmm - we may have to remedy that! I could use Publisher and create a "Great Kid Award - For excellence in adjusting to not only junior high, but, high school and also a new school district, and also a whole new town and a whole new state! Awesome adaptation, dude!" Or something like that. He'd probably just think mom was being a geek again, though. But - you never know - somewhere in the back of that 'too cool for skool' head of his, he might just really like it. He might beam with pride - on the inside! You never know!

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