Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going to Mexico?

I talked the other day about wanting to go to Hawaii, but, also liking big cities - the main one being New York City. There are also two other places to which I used to want to travel.

I used to want to go to Paris, so that I could go to the Louvre, and walk up those big steps to see the Mona Lisa. I met a man once who had gone there, though, and the way he talked about it took all the pizazz out of it for me! The unbelievably strict security around the painting and the speed with which they rush you past it, quickly un-romanticized it for me.

I also used to always want to go to Mexico. However, with stories in the news over the last decade, I've been a bit nervous to see the place I've always wanted to see! You know what I mean, like people being arrested for the slightest thing, and having trouble getting out of jail. And other stories like that scared me, too.

Well, see - Mexican law is based on the Napoleonic Code, where guilt is assumed over innocence. And that is a very different way of dealing with things than here in the States - which often leads to misunderstandings - which often leads to trouble for the Mexican traveler.

Well, now I've found something that perks me up a bit - because I am again excited about considering a trip to Mexico!! That is a cool feeling to have back! And what I found was, Auto Insurance for Mexico. This insurance can help you out in just those sort of binds that I talked about. For instance, say you get in a fender bender there. You either have to have cash, or a Mexican auto insurance policy - or you could actually go to jail. And your American insurance policy would not help you out at all in this situation.

If you visit, you will find a very helpful and knowledgable man there named Linden Gray, who has 29 years of experience in the insurance industry.

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