Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Breakin' - one of my favorite movies!!

I love this movie so much, and I would like to thank Miss Julie for taking me on a stroll down memory lane, with her 'Music when she was 18' post!! One of the songs that she listed was Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan - I just LOVED Chaka!!! And Julie, bless her poor deprived heart, said that she had never heard that song! Well, Jules, my sweet - this is for you:

There's the song and here is one of the beginning scenes from the movie, Breakin'. This scene is where Kelly, the studio jazz dancer, is taken to the beach by her dancing friend, to see all the breakdancing that goes on down there. Everyone is just lockin' and poppin' and feelin' the groove and having a great time! And it is at this time that Kelly meets Turbo and Ozone, the street dancers with whom she will team up to beat out the 'opposing dancers'. See - the 'street fighting' they did was dancing - and the better dancer won! So Kelly and Ozone and Turbo team up - and through trial and error, and a few arguments, too - they blend their two dancing styles - JAZZ plus STREET - and they come up with the hottest dance moves ever! Gawd, I just love this movie! Now, unfortunately, this clip is not in English - but, it is one of the better clips that I could find. And you don't really need 'spoken language' to figure it out, especially the part at the end where the 'opposing dancers' show up! (And, if you look really closely, you might catch a glimpse of Jean-Claude Van Damme - in his first ever on-screen appearance!)

This is definitely one to go on my 'movies I need' list. That and the second one (which, admittedly, wasn't quite as good) Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo. Also on that list would have to be Turner and Hooch. See, I thought I owned it already - and when Sammie and I went to watch it yesterday - it was nowhere to be found. When Mark came home he assured me that we never owned it. Well - hell's bells - that's an oversight - BIG TIME! That is one of my very favorite movies!!! And I've been meaning to get Multiplicity forever!! Sammie and I wound up watching Jack Frost, and so that of course got Michael Keaton on my mind! He is such a great and adorable actor - but, especially in Multiplicity!

So my main list right now is:
1. Turner and Hooch
2. Breakin'
3. Electric Boogaloo
4. Multiplicity

I need those, people - NEED. I'm not talking about any sissy 'wants' or 'desires' - I'm talking about sheer necessities!! I hope they're not too hard for ya'll to track down and ship to me!Winking 2


gledwood said...

Hi these clips are really entertaining. As is your blog. I might borrow a couple of clips for my new video blogs if you don't mind. I'm collecting the best in music and comedy. And of course you get a link back... if you want to drop by I'm at gledwood2.blogspot and my clip of the day's called Throwing Pies at flies, it's hilarious!
See you there perhaps
all the best
"Gledwood vol 2"

Jules said...

Oh I have heard that song!!!! LOL! Thanks :)

Lisa said...

Thanks, Gledwood - for the visit!! I definitely went and spent some time over at your blogs - I loved them!

Ahh, Julie - so you just needed me to jar your memory a bit, eh? Groovy!!