Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mark and computer memory yesterday

So first Mark calls me yesterday while he was still at work, trying to find out how much memory this computer has left. Unfortunately, I forgot where to look that up, so I was unable to help him. He and his brother wanted to download some software for their GPS's, some map software. And so he wanted to know if we actually had enough computer memory left to do that before his brother drove all the way out here. Since I didn't know where to look for it (what kind of computer nerd am I, anyway? I've failed at geekdom! Dangit!) they came out here, anyway, to see if they could get the software loaded up onto the computer and then to their GPS's. My GPS doesn't have a memory card, I think he said, so I wouldn't be able to use it. And, as it turned out, he wasn't able to for his, either, but, I can't remember why. Personally, I don't really want that software, anyway, because when my mom and I took my dad's GPS with us to New York, on which he'd loaded New York maps, it was no help at all! We used it, or attempted to use it, for the first day and a half, and then gave up. All of the maps were wrong in it. It was like a drunk had drawn the maps! Hopefully, that type of software works better now, as that was seven years ago! I actually went to bed before finding out if they even got it onto my brother-in-law's GPS.

The other Mark-computer-memory news yesterday was that he came in with a circular from WalMart, in which was a suh-weet, new computer listed for only $600!! He was so excited and really wants to buy it. The sale only goes until May 12th, though, so we'll see. He says it has way more memory than this 'ol beast that I'm on now!! It would be nice - and it would definitely be nice to get off of Windows ME. Can you say 'cavewoman'?

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