Thursday, May 10, 2007

Making money online

It is so cool to be making money online! I am really just loving it! I am helping out with the bills and it is a really good feeling. My two accounts that I operate out of, however, are not your typical bank accounts, really. One of them is PayPal and the other is through First Internet Bank. So that sometimes makes things a little tricky. I got an affiliate check in the mail the other day, for instance, and it was a check that was, obviously, written out to me. Since I don't have a way to easily make deposits into either of those accounts, it became a 'freebie' for my husband. He asked me, "What do I do with this?" I told him to do whatever he wanted with it, because I couldn't deposit it into my accounts. He has an account at a local bank here. Actually, he has two. So he either just put it in the bank, or cashed it and used it for gas, going to lunch, or whatever. I have to get a little creative working with these accounts, but, I wouldn't give PayPal up for anything - I've had an account with them forever and I love them. And my FIB account is how I get paid from, so of course, I'm not going to give that up. I will just probably have to open up a local account sooner or later. For now, I just dump some of my PayPal money into my husband's account for some of the bills. And then I usually try to pay bills online or with the electronic check processing. I like the 'new' way of doing things, you know. Writing out a check, and stamping an envelope is so yesterday, you know?

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