Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have had it - I am going home!

That's right - I am going back to Dallas! I'm going at the end of the month. And well, yes, the kids are going with me. And well, ok, yes - Mark is, too. And well, ok - we're only going for two weeks!

But I am going home - and I am so happy! I can't wait to see everyone - there are so many different people to see. I mean, I did spend my whole life there. So there is my family - and hopefully my cousins, as well. And I'd like to visit the Richardson AA group a time or two. And maybe go to a couple of those girls' houses - get the kids together and stuff. Then there are, of course - my precious Dallas Punkymoms!!! Woohooo! Then I have been back in touch with some old school friends - Michelle, Ken, Mike - it would be very cool to see them, too. And I would like to go to the Dallas North AA group, as well. Then there are some old neighbors I'd like to see.

Oh my! I'm tired already! I am just going to have to put on my Social Butterfly Suit to get everyone seen! It would be totally awesome if I could drive out to see Freeman, too - my AA sponsor - he lives about a couple hours outside of Dallas.

You know what would be really cool? Oh! And perfect timing, too! If I could get my 15 year chip that I still haven't gotten yet at the Dallas North birthday meeting. Their birthday meetings have alway been on the last Friday of the month. Oh wait, no - silly me. We are leaving on May 28th - I'm gonna miss it. Well, I could still get it there - in a regular meeting.

Mark is going to work while we are there - and make some 'real' money. He is not even coming close to making what he makes in Dallas here in Alabama. So that will hopefully help us out.

And - Sammie will get to go to her tennis camp at my mom's work. She is thrilled about that!
CaravanDallas or bust!
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