Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I told you John Reese ROCKS!

Ok, maybe we haven't talked about that here, but, I've been plugging away on this 'ol interwebby for a number of years now (too many to mention and admit I'm not flush yet). But I've had a major crush admired and respected John Reese for a long time. He really stands out among online marketers, at least to me, as someone who is genuine and really has his heart in the game. Which means to me, he may be looking out for himself, but, he is sure helping a lot of people along the way! Take the fact that I, myself, have never been able to afford any of his products - but, you know what - I have learned an awful lot just from his blog postings, emails, and freebies. Anyway, I'm carrying on a bit here, all I mean to say is that John is a great marketer, and a very cool guy, to boot! And today - he totally validated my super-duper, mega crush respect for him with his blog post praising PayPerPost and Ted Murphy and all that they have weathered in this, their first year in business. Go now, don't wait, get yourself a cup 'o joe and read ... Long Overdue Praise for PayPerPost

And when you're done reading, make sure you give him a Digg: John Reese Praises PayPerPost and Ted Murphy

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