Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm getting a free pedometer

One of my online friends directed me to a site where you could order a free pedometer. (Sorry, I can't remember where the site is....) I hope this one is better than the last free one that I got, from the Golden Arches. That one didn't work worth a flip! Having a pedometer (if it works) can be fun because it makes you want to walk more, and it keeps 'healthy movement' on your brain all day long - and mostly because it turns it into a personal challenge, almost a fun game. And boy, oh boy, do I ever need something that will make exercise fun! I am so unmotivated most of the time to even park farther away when I can't find a spot - you know that 'chronic-circler-type' who is mumbling to themselves, "I know I can find a place a little closer, if I just circle around 78 more times!"Laughing 13

It is getting so warm out, though, that I have started wearing shorts a lot, and the ones I like to wear are athletic shorts. And they are so soft, that pedometers don't really work very well on them. How ironic that pedometers, exercise-encouragers, discourage the wearing of athletic attire, and work better on jeans! I wonder if they work on shoes - now that sounds like a great solution to me! In fact, if I were an athletic shoe company, I would market shoes that come with pedometers. That sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? I mean, it makes more sense to measure steps you take on your feet, anyway, right? I bet somebody has already thought of it! What the heck do I know?

I can't wait to get it, though! A pedometer can be a great thing for goal setting - and even rewards! Once you hit a certain point, you could reward yourself! I think a perfect reward might be a pedicure, but, maybe someone out there might rather have Steelers tickets. Whatever your fancy - we can just dangle that in front of ourselves like a carrot! Sounds perfect!

Hurry up, pedometer - get here so I can earn my carrot! I Rule

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