Monday, May 07, 2007

Lockdown at the high school

Well, now, isn't that just lovely?! Am I repeating myself? LOL! I guess that's just my 'irritated phrase'.

Here's the lowdown - two dumb drunks (yes, of course, I'm a drunk - and yes, of course I was dumb when I was drinking!) committed theft, then got in their car to run from the cops - car chase in Smalltown, AL - lovely! (There's that word again.) They finally crashed in a ditch outside the school - at this point there was a multitude of cop cars in pursuit. The male drunk was apparently tackled to the ground. Was the female more compliant at this point? Not sure - I'll have to dig for some details.

So they locked down the school for about twenty minutes. Lights off, hiding in the corner. One boy was apparently very scared and hiding under a desk. My 13 year old tells me this with a smirk on his face. I told him, "Don't you dare laugh at him! The last school shooting wound up with 33 people dead!"

That child, I'm sure, had no idea what was happening. It takes so long for the information to get to all the classrooms about what exactly is going on. And you know he has seen plenty of scary stuff on the news lately. And really, they even discussed the shootings at school. The teachers discussed it with the kids, and I think even watched some of the news with them. It was even discussed at the elementary school.

How sad, to have a seventh grade boy, cowered in fear under a desk. I remember being in that same position in the fourth grade. That is where we used to go for tornadoes - under our desks. But that is a tornado - and I was mostly upset because I was afraid for my dog at home. I think I was worried she was outside - or maybe she was outside. But to be in seventh grade - and not know what is going on outside your classroom.

Tornadoes suck and can be quite devastating - Alabama recently lost some students to a deadly tornado. But 'human storms' are different. Blah - ok, I'm shutting up now - because I'm fixing to just go on this long, boring soap box spiel about bad things humans do, and I just don't feel like it.

I mean, I'm terribly grateful it wasn't a school shooting, but, come on! A drunken car chase on a Monday afternoon in Smalltown, Alabama?! What the hell?!

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