Friday, May 04, 2007

I forgot about my migraine medicine!

Could somebody slap me? For real.

I got up this morning with my neck and shoulders hurting, so I took an extra Tegretol to ward off the headache that neck and shoulder pain generally always bring me. Taking an extra one can sometimes backfire on me. Sometimes it can assure me of a headache, instead of getting rid of a coming headache. And I never quite know what to expect.

My neck and shoulder pain went away fairly quickly, which is odd. Once it starts, it is usually there for at least a week, if not two. But the headache continued on its course - growing and growing. I don't know if I caused it by taking extra medicine - or if it was just on a crash course for my head and there was no stopping it.

I got up to eat (my lovely chicken salad hot dog) and get more coffee and take some advil. I wanted to keep this little bugger at bay, so that I can, one, get some more work done today, and two, not suffer through a headache all weekend. I hate the lasting-over-the-weekend headache. I can't really do anything or go anywhere comfortably with the kids and I'm constantly begging them to keep the noise down. Blah.

So I was bopping around the kitchen preparing my lunch, and I was, like usual, chatting up a storm with myself. (Yes, it's true. I do. Hi Tracy!) And I got on the subject of my doctor, and wondering why they don't just prescribe regular pain meds for migraines, as opposed to the nauseatingly expensive migraine meds. And I wondered aloud, "Why can't he just give me a Vicodin prescription?!" I could have Mark keep it for me, so I wouldn't take it like the candy that my addictive personality thinks it is....


I have some of those nauseatingly expensive migraine meds!!!!!!!! Crap! I forgot the doctor gave me some samples!!

And now, it might be too late - this is the kind that you have to take immediately when you realize that your headache is a migraine. Well, crap! I'm trying it anyway. You can actually take one more in two hours if it doesn't work. So at 3:30 - I might be poppin' another one!

I guess this will be an experiment - we'll see if it works when taking it a little bit late.

Maybe you should wait to slap me until my head feels better. But then it won't feel better anymore, will it?

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