Friday, May 04, 2007

Chicken salad hotdog

That is what I just had for lunch. Yep - a chicken salad hotdog. Funny, huh?

Well, we are out of bread and a little on the broke side and so we have to get creative. (Mark says he can get groceries on Saturday, so it's all good.)

Sammie and I had cinnamon hotdog bun toast for breakfast. Those are actually quite yummy. I even sometimes do that when we do have bread! Really, you should try it!

It's almost fun when you're broke and you get to go and concoct things in the kitchen with what you have left. It's like a little mini-adventure. (Kind of like when the electricity goes out - yeah, like in the middle of a storm and we have to 'camp out' in the hallway! Of course, now we have a cinder block basement - so our 'camping out' from the storm is done down there. Not quite as exciting as pulling mattresses into the hallway - but, it'll do.)

When the kids were little, I used to make them 'hotburgers'! It seems we always would wind up with hamburger buns left over and hot dogs (but, no buns) left over. So we invented 'hotburgers'. The kids loved them! I would cut the hotdogs in half shortways, then slice them longways - making four, short pieces that all had flat sides - then arrange them on the hamburger bun and melt cheese on it, then put the top of the bun on and ....YUMMMY!

It's also kind of fun to get to take stock of what you have in the pantry and even actually eat some of that stuff that on most days nobody really wants. It's like a forced spring cleaning.

And it is funny, too - because the kids are all complainin' and complainin' - "Mom! There's nothing to eat!" ...just because their regular favorites aren't there. And I may even catch myself saying that! But, truth be told, there is really plenty of food still in there! Not to mention all the canned food in the garage!

So it's kind of fun to look at the 'cabinets' (garage included) with new eyes.

Either that, or I just don't get out enough.

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