Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are you following my follow?

If you'll remember, recently I talked about the current 'DoFollow' movement going around the blogosphere. Bloggers, for the most part, make up a great community of people helping each other out, in many ways. I myself have been helped many a time - in many different ways, some of them that make me cry just thinking about. The blogging community is the most giving and helpful group of online entrepeneurs that I have come across in my years working online. So many people have given of themselves to me - and for what? Simply the satisfaction of helping out another person working hard to make a way for themselves online. Now, with blogging being such a Web 2.0 element, obviously, helping each other out is beneficial to ourselves. Not unlike network marketing, when I pull you up, I pull myself up. But the whole mood and attitude is so very different from a typical MLM 'scratch-each-other's-back' thing. When LaDonna logged into my WordPress account and fixed the horrible mistake that I made with the template, I don't think she received any immediate monetary, or otherwise, compensation. When Loretta walked me through checking out web hosting companies the other night, she didn't get a paycheck for that. When Loretta gifted me with my beautiful header here, she did not expect any payment for it. When Cass walked me through getting the DoFollow plugin working on my other blog, she didn't get a dime for that. When Kumiko published instructions on fixing up your blogger blog, she didn't receive anything for that. And then there's the really big one - the make-me-cry one (that I won't go into because it doesn't really have any bearing on this particular rant) - that a group of bloggers did for me - and you know what they got for that? The joy of helping out another human being.

So yes - when I participate in the blogosphere, I also benefit, but, this is such a different feeling than even say, helping my Avon sign-ups when I was doing Avon, or even my ChaCha sign-ups. When I help them, and they make more money - I make money off of their money. Period. You make money, I make money.

The blog world is different - way different. To me, it's been the ultimate Pay It Forward community. Which is why PR theft is so disheartening to read about.

Pay It Forward, people!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miss Lisa. I appreciate the time you took to write this post. It was very well thought out!

Unknown said...

You're very welcome! And thank you for the compliment!