Friday, May 04, 2007

Drug addiction is a scary thing

The depths to which people fall when they are addicted to drugs and alcohol is absolutely mind-numbing. I've seen a sweet, Southern gentlewoman schoolteacher turn into a dumpster-diving, drug-shooting wreck! The things we do when we're using are things that we would never, ever do when clean and sober. And knowing where to turn for just the right help can be overwhelming. There are many different ideas about what should be done and what course of treatment would be best. Sorting all of this information out can be very difficult. But there is an informative website called, that can be helpful in the search for a drug rehab. They also have a ton of information to educate you about all of the different aspects of addiction and all of the difficulties that go along with it. There are articles on many topics, and even being sober 15 years, I learned a thing or two, myself.
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