Monday, April 30, 2007


I have been meaning to get into paintballing for just about forever now! My brother bought me paintball gear several Christmases ago, and I have yet to use it. What a dweeb I am. In fact, my paint balls just sat in the closet, longing to be expelled forcefully from my paintball gun, for so long that they finally just exploded in the container and seeped paint out on each other! Poor, neglected paintballs!

The really super-cool thing about the gifts from my brother was that he got gear for himself, my dad, our other brother, my husband, and me! I got included with the boys! All my life I wanted to be included with those damn boys! So his including me meant the world to me! And yet, hubby and I have yet to use the darn things! I sure would love to, though!

We would need some more paintball gear first, though. For one thing, sheesh - we'll need some more paintballs! Ha! And I think we're out of CO2, as well.

I found this really neat vest that I like - for instance:
Now ya'll that know me, are probably thinking - 'Lisa, what on earth would you want with that? You know you'll get too hot in that thing!' And you'd be right, I know. I am a 365 day a year, short sleeve, always getting hot kinda gal! But look at all the cool pockets and stuff! I like it! And look at this cool pouch that you can use with it:
See? It would be neat, wouldn't it? And - omigosh! Look at this, you guys:
Yes! It's a paintball grenade! Oh my gosh! How fun! Ok, that's it - when Mark gets home, we're gonna have to talk! Hey! Our 14th anniversary is coming up - maybe we can buy each other new paintball gear, and then go on a romantic jaunt in the woods - shooting the crud out of each other!! Ha!!

And just because I know ya'll want to see the cutest paintballer ever, ok - here I am:
Heehee! And my bright orange shirt I'm wearing today is even a 'hunting shirt', of sorts. It's the Jeff Foxworthy list of "Top Ten Things You'll Never Hear a Redneck Hunter Say". Oh my, ya'll! Just what kind of 'treehugger' have I become?? Next thing you know - I'll be squishing bugs in the kitchen!

Edited to add: Miss Fabulous Photographer wants her credit! Photo taken by Miss Sammie!!


Dyane said...

LOL! I look like that with my tiny Airsoft gun :)

Lisa said...

Hey - I think I'm lookin' pretty darn fierce, there - wouldn't you say?