Monday, April 30, 2007

The chaos that is my life

Life has been so hectic lately - some of it good, some of it bad, some of it fun, some of it exhausting. And I am just hoping that things are going to start slowing down a bit - for a little while, at least. This really is a bad time of year to be wishing for that, as the last month of school seems to be one chaotic minute after another - always something going on. And then the sweet little buggers actually get LET OUT of school - and are underfoot 24/7! But, maybe I can have a week or two of quiet to gather some strength back for it all. *crosses fingers*

So this is about what all has been going on....if I can remember it all:

My sweet friend, Alli, and her son, Fuller, came to visit for the day. I got to meet a blogging friend IRL - that was super cool! Then a couple days later, my brother and his family came to visit - Micky, Tracy, and DJ! We had so much fun and it was so awesome for them to come and see my house and 'see' where we are living now! Halfway through their visit, my middle son left for Washington - WITHOUT ME!!!!! That was so hard. Very hard to let him go - it was kind of neat the way God worked it so that my sister-in-law was here to nursemaid me through Shawn's leaving. That God guy, he's kind of a nice dude like that! Then the next day - Mic, Tracy and DJ left to go back home. There was nary a soul around to nurse me through that, though. And the VT shootings happened on that same day. Needless to say, I was in a daze - a total fog. The rest of that day, and the next two days - I spent in my daughter's room, lying in her bed, watching TV - recovering. The impact of their leaving coupled with the VT thing, coupled with my son being 13 hours away from me, and only 4 hours away from VT - just about did me in. I was worried that somehow the security would increase around DC as a result of the shootings and his trip would somehow be affected - or actually, I had grimmer thoughts - I don't even know what they were - I just know they were grim, and I was so nervous. It was the first time for any of our children to go that far without us - and I had ZERO confidence in his chaperone. She did not present herself very well to us. And I was just altogether freaked out.

Ok, I'm rambling a LOT - better start a new paragraph 'fore ya'll get dizzy! Anyway, it's kind of like this - when out of town family is out of town - like in the towns where they live - and I am in the town I live, there is a degree of (very strong) denial that protects my soul. I am sad, but, I can usually remain somewhat detached from that sadness. When they come in town, or I go there, the sadness is put in NEON EFFIN LIGHTS!!!! There is no denying it! NONE! So the recovery period takes a while. I'm sure you can relate to that. But let's move on, shall we? Ok, so then my sweet, precious, lovey boy came home!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!! (He got home on the 19th of April - and I still look at him, and think, 'Oh my God, I'm so glad you're home!') I guess part of me was really convinced that something terrible was going to happen. Well, the chaperone situation surely did not help that any! But that's another blog post entirely! Then the next day, I went with my daughter to Montgomery - we had a blast! It was only a day trip, but, it is several hours away from here. We had the big, travelling buses - fun, fun, fun! And because I stupidly cross-carried my too-heavy purse all day, I had the most horrible migraine I've had in a long time the next day! Whew! It was a freakin' doozy!!! Then a few days later I wound up with tonsillitis, knocking me out for several days. I'm on antibiotics and feeling much better, thank you!

So that is the story of my recent chaos - and my super-lame-o blogging tendencies! Hopefully things will be better from here on out - for at least a little while!


Deb said...

It took me a very long time to adjust to living in a different area. Now i'm used to it, but my internet friends helped me during those lonely periods. Sounds like it was crazy busy there as well

Lisa said...

Oh, I would've been a goner long ago if it weren't for all my online buddies!!!

Yeah, pretty hectic - but, hopefully I'll have a quiet week or two before the end of school/first of summer chaos begins! LOL!