Monday, April 30, 2007

Google pagerank merry-go-round

I'm so happy to go nowhere! Nowhere? Yes! Nowhere!

You see, this sweet little blog was a PR3 - and then about a month ago, it got dropped like a rock, ney, a boulder! All the way to a ZERO! That is zilch, nada, goose egg, nothing! Crying 10 It was horrible, I tell you, just horrible!

I have been working pretty hard on this blog for quite some time now, although, there has been the recent craziness with my life that has prevented me from blogging as much as I would like to. But - seriously, could that have already blipped onto Google's radar, when the darn update takes three months or more to begin with?

So anyway, I was languishing in the bottom of the Google pond - a bottom feeder yet again....when suddenly - the updates started happening! There was definitely some activity going on in the 'channels' or whatever the heck you call all those number thingy's.

And today, it would seem, I am back to PR3. I am not entirely certain they are completely done. I am still holding my Google-breath, but, I am tickled pink to be back to where I was!

Pink, I tell you - pink!Flowers


Deb said...

Hope it sticks. I had a 4 drop to a 3 last time, and I think it's back to a 4. I hate this roller coaster madness!

Lisa said...

I know! I'm getting dizzy! LOL!