Thursday, April 26, 2007

North Carolina seems like a pretty place

I've always thought of North Carolina as a pretty state - it's so weird, but, don't you get ideas about places in your mind long before you ever see them? I certainly do - and for some reason I always thought of North Carolina as very pretty.

And now I'm actually learning about the state, thanks to my blogging life, and meeting two of my new friends, Cass and Marcus - who actually call the state home. And I do believe that I was right - from what I am learning about it and in the beautiful pictures that I get to see, often on Cass' and Marcus' blogs!

One city there that seems rather nice there is Raleigh. I've been reading about it online and there just is one thing after another that is piquing my interest about it. There is actually a college there that, I think, was made just for me! It is called Peace College!! How cool is that? It was actually named after a man named Peace!

And I bet the Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate just went through the roof in the 1950's with the development of the Research Triangle Park and with IBM opening up shop there in the 1960's. Besides the introduction of the streetcar lines in the 1920's, those were the two biggest growth points for Raleigh.

And unlike some cities I know *cough* Dallas *cough* their botanical gardens, the JC Ralston Arboretum, is open free to the public!

Now that I could live with!

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