Friday, April 27, 2007

New ebook by Tiffany Dow

I just got an email this morning by an awesome businesswoman, Tiffany Dow. Tiffany got her start in the online world as a ghostwriter - she has written for the top names in internet marketing - she has a very impressive track record! I first met her at the Warrior Forum and I snatched up her first book, Social Networking on Squidoo, as fast as I could! It was, and still is, an awesome addition to my marketing arsenal. Squidoo is a fabulous traffic and revenue and opportunity generator and in that book, Tiffany guides you through step-by-step how to best set up your lenses.

Well - now she has released yet another ebook (maybe her third or fourth) and it looks totally awesome! It's called Building an Ebook Empire. Having had 'backstage passes' all these years to the stage of the gurus, Tiffany has a lot of very valuable information to share with us all! I cannot wait to dive into it!!

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