Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lego Grandfather clock!

Now isn't that the coolest thing ever? Or do you just have to be a lego-nerd to fully appreciate it? Haha! Not that I am any good at building with Lego's, although I do love playing with them. But that does not stop my sheer fascination with them! The guy who built that spent three years perfecting it. It is made completely of Legos except for the weights and the filament on which the weights are hung. Totally amazing!

I used to be really, really love grandfather clocks. I am still seriously impressed with them, and when I see one, I will generally spend quite a bit of time looking at it, but, I am just not quite as obssessed as I used to be. It's weird how that happens - just one of those phases people go through, I guess.
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