Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My poor, precious trees!

Out damn cold! Out I say!

I was so thoroughly enjoying our warmer weather - and guess what?


My dogwood tree is ok, she just lost a lot of her blooms, but, she it otherwise as beautiful as ever!

My other two trees, however, are in such a state I can't believe it! My pecan tree and my crepe myrtle actually have BLACK LEAVES - yes, you heard me correctly - black leaves. Not only blackened, but, also wilted. They had just started to grow their precious, pretty green leaves - when BOOM! Out of nowhere comes along this cold snap!

Will they re-bloom? Will they start over? How does this work, when Mother Nature plays a dirty trick on our lovely trees? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, let me tell you, I surely do hope it is hard-wired into their DNA to just start anew after something like this. It would surely be sad if it weren't.

I have been wanting a crepe myrtle for so long, and Mark never wanted one because they are so 'messy' - it's a beautiful mess - what's he talking about? But now that we moved into this house and there already is one - not much he could do about it. Yet, anyway. And believe me, he has threatened. Ugh.

The really cool thing is that this is my first crepe myrtle and it is the most beautiful one that I've ever seen! Really! It is on the street-side corner of the lot - so there are no walls or fences hindering its growth, and it is big and full and gorgeous!

So I sure hope re-generating is in its gameplan! Oh my!


Deana said...

OMG you sound just like me. My baby Crepe Myrtle's little leaves are balled up and I have wanted one for so long. Your post was exactly what I want to ask people....what happens to the black leaves on all my trees?

If you find out let me know.

Lisa said...

I will definitely keep you updated! :)