Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lots of out of town excitement this week!

This is a very busy and fun week around our house! Tomorrow, my sweet friend, Alli, from Chattanooga, is coming by for lunch, on her way to her in-laws! It will be our first F2F and I am so excited to meet her and Fuller and for Fuller to meet Puppy! I have a feeling that he and Puppy will just hit it off great!

Then, on Friday, my brother, his wife, their son, and maybe my dad, are coming into town to stay over the weekend. We can't decide if Grandpa should maybe come another time so that we have more days of having Burnett's around the house, you know? Although - it would be really fun for all of them to come together! Decisions, decisions...

And then the tough one - my sweet little boy is leaving me for Washington DC on Sunday morning. He is going with his sixth grade class and he won't be home until early Friday morning. Oh my, oh my! Not only is he traveling very far without me, or his brother, or his father....but, we are in a very new school district, so I am not tight with the other kids, other parents, and staff like I am so used to being. I initially thought that it was a bummer that my brother's family coming overlapped with Shawn's leaving, however, now I see it as a God deal, because, the first two days of Shawn's being gone, I will have Tracy to hold my hand! And hold me while I sob hysterically, if I find that necessary!

How exciting is it that the child gets to go to DC, though? Color me jealous, that's for sure! I am so happy for him! I would love to be able to take them on educational, historical trips, but, we just haven't been able to do that. I remember reading about one woman, I think she was a single mom, even - she and her kids had a goal of going at least once to each of the fifty states. And on each trip, they learned stuff, history in that state, etc. I just thought that was so cool! And then at the end, it told about something awesome the kids turned around and did for her...crap! I can't remember what it was...it was totally tear-jerker sweet, though!


Jules said...

Have fun with Alli and Fuller today! That is a tear-jerker! The trip sounds like it will be fun though! Stay strong mommy!

Deb said...

I hope he has a great trip. There are fabulous museums there. Traveling state to state to learn would be great, but I'm not independently wealthy!