Monday, April 09, 2007

Imbibing on Easter Sunday

I was sure that we wouldn't be going to the in-law's house for Easter Sunday, because my daughter had gotten sick on Saturday afternoon. She woke up on Sunday, however, with no fever and feeling much better, and she and her daddy talked me into our going ahead on over there.

There was a lot of food, and not too many people (some of our gatherings have just been too big lately) and it was a pleasant, although too filling, afternoon.

At one point, Aunt Lisa and I decided to run and get ourselves a coffee and pick up some milk for Granny. When we returned, the counter was covered in little airplane bottles of liquor. Man, I used to love those damn things! And they had some good ones, too! One of them was peppermint Schnapp's and one was something else yummy like butterscotch or something.

I joked around with them about wanting to get drunk and how yummy those drinks were and how I really wanted one! They don't totally get the fact that I really do not drink at all! I keep telling them, but, I think they just don't get it. They kept saying, "Go ahead! Have some!" When I told them no, somebody asked why not. I told them that if I started, I would NOT stop.

That's when Uncle Don picked up all the bottles and moved them all away from me. I think he totally gets it. Even if he doesn't know that I was joking, and that I really wasn't, at that moment, in danger of drinking.

It would really have sucked if I had been in a bad spot and had just given in - gawd, I would hate to think I would've needed to look up hangover cures this morning! Hangovers really sucked!

And given the fact that this side of the family just does not know how to support me in my sobriety, I had better number one, quit joking around with them, and number two, try to help them understand how this recovery business works!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Congrats on not drinking. :)

Lisa said...

Why, thank you very much! I appreciate that! :)