Tuesday, April 10, 2007

House hunting

One of my online friends is house hunting and a group of us have been talking about the differences in real estate in the different areas. One of the discussions that has come about is the perceptions as to what is a bungalow. It seems it is a much different animal in different segments of the country. We've also talked about ranchers - and how what one person sees as a rancher is clearly not to another. Quite interesting and eye-opening.

The real eye-opener, though, has been the pricing differences. I am from a big, metropolitan area - Dallas - so I know all about the high prices. Well, maybe middle of the road high prices, I would say DC and NYC are definitely higher than Dallas. And now I live in a small town in the south and my husband and I have been picking up real estate books and looking through them and have been more than pleasantly surprised at how much house and property you can get for your money out here! Very cool!

One of our friends in this group is from the Las Vegas area, and she has been sharing with all of us about Las Vegas Real Estate, and I think I would probably compare it to Dallas prices. It's definitely more pricey than where I am now, but, would totally be not unheard of in Dallas.

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