Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Drunk driving, Alabama style!

Did you hear the latest drunk 'driving' fiasco in news lately? Hahaha!

Well, the woman was 'driving' a horse! Yep, a horse!

The woman was riding through town and was visibly not 'herself' - it was easy to tell she was on something other than just the horse!

When officers tried to stop her, she kicked the horse trying to get him to go faster - then when it was obvious that she was not getting away on the horse, she tried jumping off to run. At which point, she got her foot caught in the stirrup and fell to the ground.

And then the nice policeman took her in for a little sobering up! It turns out that she was not only drunk, but, also on drugs. And she had a pipe on her, among other things.

So she went to jail under multiple charges - DUI, evading arrest, possession of drug para paraph paraphe stuff! and most importantly - ENDANGERING AN ANIMAL!!! Bitch! (Thank God I never had access to a horse when I was drinkin' and druggin' - There but for the grace of God go I...)

Crazy, huh?


Anonymous said...

You would never hear about something like this in NJ! LOL

Martin said...

Deja Vu I used to live near this 'Drive-Thru Cowboy'...he tried to get his horse to charge the squad car!

Marcus said...

is this a true story? It's funny though. I've definitely ridden a horse drunk.