Thursday, April 19, 2007

My baby's back!!!!!

I am so happy - my son is home!!!!!!!!! That was a major trip for him to go on - away from us!

We are not only in a new school, but, in a new town - hell, a new state - and I haven't been able to be involved at the school like I usually am - so I don't know very many people very well yet.

And off he goes - 15 hours away from me....*shiver*

And now, he's home.

He had a blast - a total blast!!! And he bought me the coolest ever Angel of Peace necklace! Awesome!!!

His poor brother, though - he is so jealous and that really came to a head this morning seeing his brother come in with all of the stuff he bought, and the brochures, showing us all of the places he went and all of the things he saw. I can totally understand how he feels - and I feel really bad for him. The only way that Patrick could have gone, is if I had gone - and that would be $1500 - and that was just too much for us to come up with!

Maybe Patrick will have a cool trip with the marching band next year, since Shawn will still be in the beginning/7th grade band, and wouldn't be included. Because wouldn't that just suck if Patrick's next opportunity for something like this, is when Shawn is also eligible? Yikes.

Anyway - my baby is home, and I am thrilled - I can't even tell you how thrilled! I am definitely super glad that he got to go, but, I am so happy he is home!!


Ang. said...

Yay! I hate it when my kids are gone overnight. It is rough when they are gone for several days at a time. Such a relief when they are all home under one roof, isn't it!

Homemom3 said...

Oh yes, that would freak me out. Longest my kids have been away was a day, and that was with family.

Lisa said...

@Ang, Exactly! When we are all here, under one roof, then a momma can breathe again!

@homemom3, It was truly, truly hard! Especially given the fact that I had ZERO confidence in his particular chaperone! Luckily he's old enough to look out for himself a bit. I'm just glad he's home - I keep looking at him, even still, and going, "Oh! I'm so glad you're home!!" in my head!! LOL!