Sunday, April 15, 2007

My kid's in Washington DC

I just received a phone call from my second-born child as his eyes were for the first time ever falling upon this:

The mix of emotions swelling in my heart are almost overwhelming! I don't think I can even put them all into words, but, yes - in case you're wondering - jealousy is one of those emotions! Winking 2

And then, as the busload of kids gets ever louder, he says that he is looking at this:

I am getting to listen in with him as the tour guide tells them all about what they are seeing. She is a very nice lady - she stuck her hand out and introduced herself to me at 4:30 this morning. And I hear her say, "Look to your left."

And the screams that go up are unbelievable - you'd think they'd seen Washington's ghost himself waving at them on the lawn of the White House!

I'm hollerin', "Shawn, Shawn, what is it? What is it? What are you seeing, baby???"

He says, "I don't know, Mom, but, it's something really important!" Laughing 8

He finally tells me that it was a castle, so then his brother and I start looking up DC castles on the internet. Who knew there were castles there? I've never been there!

I just wanted to share this with my bloggy world - I'm so excited for him!!

I'm sure you'll hear plenty more about it!!
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