Thursday, April 19, 2007

BookmarkAll now with RSS topic feature

You guys have heard me moanin' and complainin' about sharing a computer with the family for a while now. Five people on one computer - it's just nuts, I tell you! You should see the bookmarks - it is totally out of control! So I've been thinking that I need to use an online service for my bookmarks. Oh! And plus - when I do get my computer fixed, I won't have to worry about having any recent bookmarks on the wrong machine - cool!

So I registered at this afternoon and I'm quite excited about getting myself organized there! That is one thing that I won't have to worry about transferring. And now they've added the RSS feature, as well. And the cool thing, is that you can have your feeds in topical groups - that is so cool! It's very easy to do - just like you add your regular bookmarks. They are the first bookmark service to add the RSS feature. It's going to be nice, I think, to have my bookmarks and my feeds all together in one place.

It will also be really great to have my very own bookmark list again, not a shared one with the family - and one that I can keep private, if I so choose.

I can, however, keep some of my topics public, as do other users - and that makes it neat to find like-minded sites without searching Google.

I think my very favorite part, though, and one that is going to save me time in the long run, is having my RSS feeds in topics. My reader is definitely out of control, and topical sections will make it easier to scroll through and skim what I want.


lyndonmaxewell said...

Yea, I had the same problem too as my family shares the sole computer at home. Finding somewhere else to store your bookmarks is a must, so that you do not have to depend on that one source.

Lisa said...

Yep! I definitely agree! :)