Monday, April 23, 2007

Finding 'your way' in the wild

I know that I have blogged about it here before, but, I can tell you without a doubt that a large part of my spiritual foundation comes from having spent so much time in the woods. I will rattle on all day about it if you let me, and I'll probably cry a few times while I'm doing it, too!

My extremely strong feelings about this are exactly why I think Wilderness Programs For Troubled Teens are just about the most perfect solution!

I remember as a teen, one of my cousins was sent to one, and she is a total 'I need running water and mascara' girly girl - and couldn't stand it - and I was so jealous! I wondered how I could get in enough trouble to be sent there! LOL! (And trust me, I did get in plenty of trouble...yikes!)

I really believe, though, that teaching children about surviving in the wild, and living without modern conveniences, and about the true force and beauty of nature - by a qualified individual, can be a lesson to strengthen their heart for their whole life!

My husband is just such a qualified individual, and the lessons he has taught my children on their trips out in the wild (before they've really even gotten in any trouble) have been invaluable! And I can tell you, also, that my children are totally different creatures when we are out in the wilderness. Being with just THE EARTH - and without concrete and bricks, is a profound experience.

Now see - I told you that I would rattle on about it and I've tried to just scratch the surface, but, once I get started, I just can't help myself.

I, for one, firmly believe in the power of Wilderness Programs For Troubled Teens!!
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