Monday, April 23, 2007

Shells and cottage cheese for dinner!!

Mmmm! This sounds so good, ya'll! A new-to-me recipe submitted by my friend, Deb, to my friend, Loretta's - oh-so-fabulous blog - Just Not Martha! The blog name alone had me hook, line, and SINKER! I love it!

Anyway, back to the recipe - Loretta has started a Recipe Project, wherein she has her readers submit some of their favorite recipes, and Loretta and her in-house team of professional dinner-tasters (yep, that's the fam!) let us know how they liked it! I mean, come on, people - how cute is this:
And of course, Retta tells us all about the preparations - were they easy, how was the shopping, etc.

And one of the really cool features - she is providing each recipe on a "handy dandy printable recipe card" - that is way cool! Aw, man - I'm gonna miss the first one - I'm out of ink! Well, I know I can easily find them all in her fabulous recipes category once I finally get out and get some ink!

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loretta said...

There will also be a cookbook sometime in the next year ;) and you get free stuff for sending me a recipe.