Monday, March 12, 2007

This office is a mess!

You wouldn't even believe the state this 'office' is in! And believe me, I use the term 'office' loosely, because, right now, this room is not looking like anything but a dumping ground!

"Hey Mom, where do I put these school papers?"

"Mom, where does this box go?"

"Hon, I need to put these fishing poles and these boots in the corner here."

UGH! As if I don't have enough trouble making myself keep things orderly in here!

I haven't even unpacked all my pretty things - the breakable stuff. My angel collection, my truck collection, all of the stuff I inherited from my sweet grandmothers.

I am really going to need some more furniture in here - I think I might need a dresser for office stuff and I definitely need some more bookcases for my breakables and the rest of my unpacked books!

I found some of the most beautiful 3 and 4 drawer chests at Powell Furniture. One is a Safari-themed bombe chest, one is an English garden hall chest, and the other is an Aruba 'Aged Banana Bark' accent chest. They are so amazingly cool! I just don't think they would be all that helpful in this situation, though. Bummer!

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