Monday, March 12, 2007

I miss my hard drive

My hard drive crashed back in November, and I have since been working on my hubby's old machine. It was totally AWESOME of him to get me back up and running on the internet - I had begun to go into DT's!

It is, however, quite an outdated machine - running Windows ME! Can you believe it? Oh my!

I am hoping to save up money to either get my fixed (retrieve the data! please!! *fingers crossed*) and get computer memory upgrade, or to buy a new one. Either way, I think we are going to try and go with an external hard drive - and we are going to learn all ABOUT doing back-ups!!

I just can't wait for the day, and I know it's coming - I can feel it - when my computer system is not necessarily the MACK DADDY, but, very sufficient and causes me little to no worries. That will be a fine day, indeed.

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