Monday, March 12, 2007

Must. get. skinny.

I know, I know, I should really say... Must. get. healthy.

As that is really the ideal goal, striving for health, but, you know what?

I WANNA GET SKINNY! I am so sick and damn tired of being overweight!

If you had told me when I was 21, that I would one day be a fatty pants, I would've laughed in your face! For reals! No way was I ever gonna be a fatso! I always had that, "Oh, I'm so fat!" mentality, but, I never thought I would be obese, you know.

I'm just ready to get back to being 'me', you know? And a substantial weight loss would really help me get there!

So I have been really trying to focus on drinking more water, eating less, and getting some kind of exercise every day, no matter how small!

And I think just re-training my brain like this is helping a lot!


Lisa Renee said... you want to lose weight and that's cool because all of us should be healthy.

I'm sure you'll get to where you wanna be but in the meantime? Don't forget to love you the way you are right now. You are not a fatty pants to me. After all, you are a Lisa and ya know we ROCK!


Lisa said...

Thank you so much, my sweet Lisa-buddy!!!

I think I needed that!


Comedy + said...

Well, that makes two of us. I walk 3 miles a day and I'm still struggling. I can relate with the 25 year-old thought process. I said exactly the same thing... We just thought we were so smart didn't we?

Hang in there. There are worse things that can happen to us instead of a few extra pounds.

Lisa said...

Wow, Comedy - you're an inspiration - 3 miles a day?? Awesome!

Yeah, I was a little smarty pants in my pink guess jeans thinking I was so fat - if I could time travel - I'd go back and SLAP HER!!


Thanks for the kind and uplifting words! :)