Monday, March 12, 2007

Every child needs a desk

I think a desk is a very important piece of furniture that we should buy for our children. I almost always had one growing up and let me tell you, it got used and then some!

We haven't ever had the best set-up for my kids, because we just haven't had enough room for three desks. And that has really bothered me. If we get the remodeling done around this house that we want to get done, then we will have room for them all to have as big of a desk as they want! That will be so awesome!

Now they have to do their homework on the floor, if they want to be alone in their rooms, or at the 'kitchen' table, and put up with the noise of the comings and goings of the family. It is just not an ideal situation.

I have a very sweet nephew and a darling niece who are about to embark upon their school careers (I am SO not crying! I'm not! I swear!) *sigh* and anyway, Coaster Furniture has a great little kid desk that would be so perfect for them to do their little Kindergarten homework! (Not crying, not!)

I really wish my kids had desks, but, as they cannot right now, I will just have to bug my brothers about these cute little desks for my little sweethearts!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

and talking of desks. Have you seen my Trek photos? Some are of a school in northern Tanzania. 5 kids to one desk and they share exercise books.

The photos are on my Flickr site. Link thru' to it at Corporate Presenter.

Lisa said...

That's interesting that you mention that, because after I posted, I was thinking of my friend, Cass - who has eight kids!

I don't suppose they're going to buy 8 desks! LOL!

I will definitely go check out your photos, though - thanks for letting me know!