Monday, March 12, 2007

My poor empty living room

Ever since we have lived here, our two main upstairs rooms have been pretty much empty. Now - you have to realize...upstairs is the main house, downstairs is basically the basement. It just doesn't always seem like that because from the back it looks like a regular two-story house.

Mark wanted to set up the 'living room' in the basement so that when it came time to do the upstairs remodel we have planned, we wouldn't (ok, 'they' wouldn't) have to move two rooms of furniture out of the way. He knew that having the furniture up here would make him procrastinate about getting started with it all.

There have been, however, a few bumps in the road - life got in the way, what a surprise! And we haven't done one measly bit of remodeling as of yet.

I did eventually bring up one of our camping tables so that we could have a table to sit around - it's like a banquet table, only plastic and part of our camping gear. (Oh yeah, we left our kitchen table in Texas - it wouldn't fit on the truck. Total bummer - I loved that table!)

It's gonna be really cool once we finally set up these rooms - I can't wait! Mark has some really great plans.

I have always loved sectional sofas and I think this living room would be perfect for one, but, I don't know that a new sofa is in the cards right now. Oh well.

We had some really great plans for one of our other houses we lived in and never got to see them to fruition, I really hope things get to happen around here - this is really such a cool house, even though I've nicknamed it 'Pitiful House'. Heehee

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