Monday, March 26, 2007

Someone's birthday is coming

That would be me - my birthday is coming! It's not too far away, anyway - it's May 22. Heck, to a kid, that's right around the corner! You know how they get -

Kid: Hey! My birthday's coming up!
Boring grownup: Really? When?
Kid: In six months!

Hahaha! And mine's only two months away! Less than two months if you want to get particular! And look at this great Celtic Cross that I found:

Isn't it great? I just love it! And I really like the prayer on it - it's very sweet and God-centered, without sending any of my bristles up. You know, those 'I've got a few issues with church' bristles.

I just don't understand this line: "And be the lintel blest" If anyone knows what that means, I would love to hear all about it in the comments! Thank you!

And if anyone, say, any family members, or secret admirers (yeah, 'cause I've got lots of those! Ha!) is perplexed about what to get me - I'd love this cross!

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