Monday, March 26, 2007

One cool thing about moving that you get to go through all your stuff! You know, all that special stuff that you've been keeping forever and a day! It's funny because if we don't move, I sometimes don't see this stuff for years, but, it's so majorly special to me! It's almost like, once a year or so, I should go through all my stuff, just for the warm fuzzies it gives me!

Some of my favorite stuff to go through is all of my 'Catholic stuff'. I call it that because it is a mix of things from all aspects of my life growing up as a Catholic. My grandmothers were both very devout Catholics, and they would give me little trinkets here and there, and I inherited some of their things when they passed. And our church would frequently have book sales, so I have lots of sweet, little Catholic children's books. My most favorite of my 'Catholic stuff', however, is all of the first communion gifts that I received when I received that sacrament in the second grade. I have the most beautiful rosary from my Grandmamom, and a very pretty necklace from my parents, and a wonderfully precious children's mass book signed by one of my very favorite priests, Fr. Kamel. He was such a sweet, gentle, and kind man, I loved being around him.

I feel so warm and cozy and loved when I am looking all over this stuff, and showing my kids, and telling them my stories about my sweet grandmothers, my favorite priests (Fr. Kamel, Fr. Kelly, and Fr. Gayle) and what it was like growing up Catholic.

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