Monday, March 26, 2007

Blasted headaches

Over the years, dealing with these rotten migraines, I've tried a lot of different treatment options. One of them was $100 for SIX PILLS!! I am not kidding you! Isn't that crazy?! Uh, yeah - we had to stop buying that. Duh!

A new thing that doctors have been prescribing is Tegretol, or Carbamazepine, and I just happen to already be on that for bipolar disorder. So my doc says it's ok for me to every now and then take extra for my headaches. That is working - fairly well. The thing is with these dang headaches, often the treatment actually perpetuates the headaches, along with offering relief! And that often happens with the Tegretol. And several years back, the same thing was happening with Excedrin Migraine. Like - I'm in pain - I need help now, so I have to take something - but, often what I take will help the headache remain in the background, only to resurface the next day! Grrr!

It's a terrible cycle! I've often thought of trying a completely different prescription, just for the headaches. The description for Fioricet says that it takes care of upper back and shoulder pain, and that is often where my headaches get their start, so maybe that would be a good one to try.

I don't know - I sometimes just wish I could trade heads with someone! I say that a lot, don't I?

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