Friday, March 09, 2007

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Just what is it all about - search engine optimization? Is it real? Do online marketers really need to concern themselves with it?

I can tell you, from my own personal experience, with my letters for children business, I invested quite a bit of time learning as much as I could about it. And it did me quite a bit of good.

I got to number three on Google for the keywords that I was targeting. And it really didn't take me that long, once I implemented the things that I was learning.

I did what I could, learning here and there from people who knew more than I, and from reading books on the topic, but, a really great approach, if your budget allows it - is to hire an SEO consultant.

I did get to number three with those certain keywords, which was cool, but, those keywords were not searched frequently enough to bring in substantial traffic to my site.

So I sort of got the jist of it, but, if I had the budget to hire an SEO consultant, I definitely would.

There really is a lot more to it than the little bit that I learned. I am still learning, but, combing over my site with a consultant would be awesome!

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