Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rotten, evil children

They've stolen all of my ink pens! All but one, that is! I found these really great pens one year, I think when we were school supply shopping. They are just so nice and smooth and I really like how it feels writing with them. So I asked Mark to get me some for Christmas. He looked at me a little sideways - "You want pens for Christmas?" And I told him, "Yes! I want pens for Christmas - I found these really great pens that feel great and write wonderfully, and I want some for my own, to be all my own, and to be owned by me!"

See? See how that works? I don't want them in the kitchen drawer to be carted off by little scalliwags, I don't want them to be among the vast array of pens in the big bucket on my desk to be absconded by little villains - I want them to be mine, and mine alone!

So - he bought me some pens for Christmas. And this was Christmas before last - and up until now, I've done a really good job guarding them. The guys at Fort Knox would be proud! Until now, that is...

See, there is a big bucket in my office, that used to be on my desk, which holds all sorts of writing utensils and various other office/school supplies, upon which anyone may lay their grubby, little hands. And then - on my desk, is my sweet George! George Strait! I have a big George Strait cup that holds all of the highlighters, pens, scissors, letter openers -- that nobody is supposed to even take two steps away from my desk if they have any of these items on their person!

And it would seem that Fort Momma has been breeched. The security system that was...

So sad.

When that school bell rings, there will be inquistions!!

Mark my words!!

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