Thursday, March 29, 2007

Losing weight can sure be hard

I know, I've been working at it for several years now. People who have never dealt with obesity often have simplistic ideas about what they see as a simple task. And maybe for some people it is simple - simple, but, not easy. Just like we say in AA. And sticking to something that is hard to do, but, simple - can be, well, hard. Especially when life throws its little curve balls at you. And then you don't feel so great, and who the hell cares about eating carrots anymore - gimme a KitKat! You know?

There are, however, certain factors that can actually have a profound effect on the 'simpleness' of losing weight. Did you know, for instance, that women often go through a pre-menopause state called perimenopause for up to 10 years, before they ever actually hit that cursed change? We're talking about like 20 years of hormone havoc! And then there can be basic age issues, there could be thyroid issues, or many other reasons that this losing weight thing just is not working for some of us.

A lot of people address the issue with their doctors, and enlist their help, as well. And, although it is not as common as it was twenty years ago, doctors do still prescribe diet pills for some people. One of those is Ionamin, whose common name is phentermine. Pills like that really scare me. There's even a warning on the Medbroadcast website in bold lettering, to not stop taking the medicine without first consulting your doctor. I wonder what it could do to you if you stopped taking it suddenly. A very long time ago, when I was young and stupid (Now - ya'll be nice!) I stopped taking a medication suddenly that I was supposed to taper off of under doctor supervision, and I broke out in a rash ALL over my body! I am not kidding you or exxagerating - it was even on the palms of my hands and INSIDE my ears!! It was crazy!

I am just going to keep working at rearranging my lifestyle choices, and hope that I don't ever need to have a prescription from my doctor to help me lose weight!

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