Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fruits, vegetables, and flowers...oh my!

I have got to get my act together on my gardening plans! I always plan to start in March, but then, somehow, March turns into April, and well - you know how it goes.

And this year, with funding low, and with no car - it's even harder! I have, however, found some great online deals that might just help me out!

There is this awesome online coupon from Spring Hill Nursery for $25 off a $50 order! That is totally amazing! That is such a great deal, I bet it won't last very long!

And there is another good deal from Henry Fields Seed and Nursery Company for $10 off a $30 order! These deals are unbelievable - I always wonder how companies can run such big promotions.

Oh my gosh - Home Depot has some patio furniture 40-50% off!! That is a deal I would expect to find in August or something. And I have been wanting new patio furniture for a couple of years now! I would love to have a beautifully colorful garden blooming and sit with friends and family in the backyard, just enjoying a lazy summer day! day...

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