Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How much of an environmentalist are you?

Would you be willing to have a composting toilet? That's right - I said ... composting toilet.

The company I have been researching today is called Envirolet. I just happened to stumble across this today while I was reading blogs - it was a Google ad. And the more I read, the more interested that I become.

Initially, it sounds uber disgusting, but, once you read up on it, you will see that it really isn't bad at all. And this is totally not a new thing - the earliest composting toilets actually date back to the 1800's! There were 'Earth Commode's' in the 1860's and the 'Earth Closet' in the 1880's. So this is not some freaky, new wave thing!

A few years ago, I began composting in the back yard for my garden. We're talking old food and such, people! LOL! My husband hated it! My sweet, old lady, next door neighbor, who was a Queen Gardener - was teaching me! Since Mark didn't like it, Mrs. Brown was letting me help and contribute and make use of her pile - which just happened to be right on the other side of our fence. It occasionally smelled, and it was almost always covered in a giant cloud of gnats.

So I began researching and shopping around for compost bins. Mark was still not convinced - he just can't stand the thought of it. LOL "Just go buy some fertilizer and peat moss at the store!"

He just doesn't get the whole earth to earth point of it all. So I would love to see his reaction to these toilets! HA! No way, no how!

Well, at least my mother-in-law still has one horse - we get all the compost we need from that big boy! When we muck out the stall, we just dump all the refuse in one, long, snaking line on the far side of the pasture. She says that once planting time comes, neighbors come right and left for a pile of it! Priceless manure! Gotta love it!

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