Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My new, sweet little town

I really like our new, little town in which we live. I have wanted to live in a small town pretty much my whole life and now I finally get to, and I love it!

We run into the city librarians at the grocery store, teachers at WalMart, and we even ran into teachers out on Halloween!! It is such a cool feeling!

I live across the street from a really sweet, older couple who live in the coolest freaking house! It was built in the 1840's - I just love it! And they run a used bookstore on the town square, in which they also sell some amazing antiques, one of which being an old toy truck, that is about a foot long. That is so amazing - combining two of my very favorite things in the whole world - old stuff and trucks!! Awesome! He's selling it for about $175 - I haven't been to the shop in a while, I'm not sure if he still has it. I do have a birthday coming up....

There is a lot of really neat history in this town. There are old cemeteries, old houses, and historical markers explaining a lot of how this town came to be, and who some of the major players were.

One of the old houses is even a Bed and Breakfast - how cool is that? I live in a town with a B&B! I just love staying at B&B's! The last one we stayed in was in Canon City, Texas and my brother, Mic, and I had a blast poking around all its nooks and crannies!

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