Monday, March 05, 2007

More observations in the airport

I have come to the conclusion that an airport is nothing but a GIANT Radio Shack!

Yes - a GIANT Radio Shack.

I seriously have never seen more gizmos and gadgets all gathered into one place at one time.

Where else could one possibly find such a conglomeration of gadgetness?

Perhaps at a Gizmo and Gadget Convention! What would that be? Like - what kind of conventions do Microsoft-type and Apple-type people go to?

Beats me. I say - save your money - just head to the dang airport. It really amazed me. They were everywhere - Trio's, notebooks, cellphones that looked like Nintendo DS's....

Just about every single body there was looking down, busy with their own gizmo. Even me - as I took out my cellphone for one last goodbye call to my kids.

So you have like 500 people in one section of the airport, all immersed in conversations/communications - but none with EACH OTHER! Totally weird.

Quite a different airport scenario, from even my childhood. It's such a commonplace occurence - to go to the airport, that it doesn't seem as special.

Of course, I am melding some of my 'airport memories' with some of my sweet Grandmothers' stories of train station adventures - so I know that some of my stories are not completely accurate. But you know what - I like them just how they are.

And this is how they rest in my brain -

Adventures to the airport were a family affair, we all dressed up (ok, not quite like they did in the train station days, but, we did have to look nice) and it was a wonderful time to spend with each other and also to 'marvel' at the wonders of air travel.

Now - you're lucky if one person takes you (of course, they don't let anyone come in with you) - most people just treat it like a come as you are party, and everyone sits in their chairs completely oblivious to the fact that there really are other warm bodies nearby.

Wonder what Orville and Wilbur would have to say about it.

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