Monday, March 05, 2007

Looking for a car?

I just had so much fun looking at Used Cars For Sale. We are down to one car now - ugh - and will soon be looking for another one.

I would love it, love it, if this vehicle-owning-transition-period in our lives provided me the opportunity to get the Nissan Frontier I've always wanted - well, since they came out with the four-door, that is. Which was around '99-'00. I've been wanting one from one of those first few years. I really loved the body style of those first ones. is a great site to use to find just what you are looking for - and where you are willing to go to look for it.

And more likely, we will be buying a new work truck for my husband, if we buy anything. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

So that means we will be looking for an Ford F150 from probably the last five years. Wow - I found some really good deals on there - I will definitely have to point my husband in this direction!

What a great site - I think I could play on there all day!

You can sort the results by price, mileage, year, and newest listing. And you can add listings for free! Very cool!

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