Monday, March 05, 2007

Beautiful home lighting

We moved into this house less than a year ago, and when we moved in, the interior lighting definitely left something to be desired! Ugh!

Right away, hubby got to work, changing fixtures out.

He started with some of these flush mounts.

And then, of course - he put up my precious dragonfly light fixture in my office for me. I just love that one!

And it was so funny, I was back in Texas last week, not for the best of reasons, but, nonetheless - I was. And as my mother and I stood talking in the kitchen, I realized that she has never replaced the flush mount in her kitchen. Never.

We moved into that house in August 1977. If that gives you an idea. It is not garish, thank goodness - but, it is severely antiquated.

And the unbelievably funny part about that is that my contractor husband has done thousands of dollars of remodeling to that house - thousands! And yet, here in the middle of this beautiful kitchen, is this hideous light fixture.

I can't totally picture if this will go in her kitchen, but, this Satin Nickel and Mountain Glass one is so beautiful!
I think I will have to send her the link and let her check it out!!

Oh - here's another one:
Isn't that so beautiful?! Ah - to heck with my mother - I want it!

heehee Just kidding, Momma! Love you!

Now go buy me a light fixture!!

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